Pretreatment & Wash Bays

FinFlow is outfitted with PEM’s renowned SprayWand Pretreatment Application System and flexible wash enclosure. It lowers production expenses and improves product quality by providing better paint adhesion and corrosion protection. Chemicals can be applied at either heated or ambient temperature with high pressure for maximum cleaning.

SprayWand is designed for any OEM and job shop that has an ongoing need for metal cleaning and metal pretreatment. It produces the same superior results of high-end, multi-stage pretreatment systems at a fraction of the cost. You will lower your production expenses and improve product quality through better paint adhesion and corrosion protection. The P-300 is the best performing system in the industry that can deliver your pretreatment chemicals as required injected downstream. It can also apply chemicals at either heated or ambient temperatures and high pressure for maximum cleaning.

The freedom of movement offered by the SprayWand enables an operator to easily and efficiently prepare large and complex parts and assemblies for final metal finishing.

Quick startup and direct application of chemicals, with minimal waste, makes the system a cost-effective way to professionally pretreat medium and small quantities of parts.

High Pressure Injection

Stainless steel injectors for the most precise chemical metering performance.

Consistent Results

Chemical concentration precision and accuracy time after time for quality assurance.

Pump and Clutch Design

Minimizes wear and tear, provides reliable performance and long product life.


  • ETL and CSA Listed
  • Fixed orifice injectors
  • Adjustable wash temperature
  • Redundant safety features
  • Downstream injection provides better, faster cleaning—pump components are not exposed to chemicals
  • High efficiency two-stage coil maximizes heat transfer
  • Naturally aspirated burner for efficient combustion
  • Easy-to-read diagnostic panel
  • Versatile design offers easy setup for any pretreatment need
  • Apply chemicals at either heated or ambient temperatures
  • NEMA motors and CAT pumps
  • Electronic ignition


Horsepower 7.5
  • 208/230V single phase
  • 208-230/460V three phase
Connection 4 wire through junction box
Pressure (PSI)
  • Pretreatment 1500 PSI
  • Rinse 1500 PSI
Burner Input 550,000 BTU
Gas Connection 1″ NPT
Fuel Consumption Natural gas 7-9″ WC or 11″ WC LP gas
Stack Size 12″
Water Connection  Standard garden hose, female swivel
Nozzles 1 -15085  x  1/4″ NPT
  • 56″L  x  28″W  x  64″H,
  • 1,050 lbs. (Ship Wt.)
  • Dry 900 lbs.
  • Shipping 1,100 lbs.

PEM offers a variety of SprayWand options to help operators easily and efficiently prepare large and complex parts and assemblies for final metal finishing.

SprayWand Stand

Used to help utilize floor space better. Can conveniently store two 55 gallon drums of chemical under the SprayWand.

Hose Reels

The best way to control hose management. Neatly stores hoses out of the way and helps prolong the life of your pressure hoses.

Gun & Wand Holsters

Helps keep your guns and wands off the floor. Can be easily mounted to a wall and made of stainless steel to stand up to wash bay environments.

Drum Top Pumps

Air driven diaphragm pumps use to apply straight chemical or premix chemical at low pressure and volume. Learn More

Dosatron Metering Pumps

Water-powered chemical pumps that meter in the chemical. Can be hooked up with city water pressure to apply your pretreatment chemical at low pressure without having to premix. Learn More

PEM Corporation warrants each machine sold by us to be free from manufacturing defects in normal service for 90 days commencing with the delivery of the machine to the original owner. If the machine is used with approved products, the warranty is extended to two full years or 2000 hours, whichever occurs first.

Three (3) Years Parts
  • Belt Guards
  • Pump dive assembly
  • Heating coils (self-contained and stationary models)
  • Frames
  • Float tank
  • Coil wrapper
Two (2) Years Parts
  • Plumbing
One (1) Years Parts
  • Control switches
  • Safety switches
  • Ground fault circuits interrupter
  • Electric motors
  • Pulleys
  • Float valves
  • Thermostat
Ninety (90) Days Parts 
  • Lights
  • Wand
  • Trigger gun
  • Ignition module
  • Unloaders
  • Coil wrappers

Our obligation under this warranty is expressly limited at our option to the replacement or repair by our company approval, or a service facility designated by us of such part or parts as inspection shall disclose have been defective. This warranty does not apply to defects caused by damage or unreasonable use (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance) while in the possession of the consumer. This warranty does not apply to nozzles, V-belts, hoses, pump wear parts, filters or 0-rings or damage to the wand or gun due to mishandling. PEM Corporation shall not be liable for consequential damage of anything, including but not limited to the consequential labor costs or transportation charges in connection with the replacement or repair of the defective parts. PEM Corporation makes no warranty with the respect to trade accessories. They are subject to the warranties of their manufacturers. Any implied or statutory warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are expressly limited to the duration of this written warranty. We make no other express warranty, nor is anyone authorized to make any on our behalf of PEM Corporation.